Friday, December 27, 2013

Tracker Trains 250 Canadian Soldiers

Local Man-Tracker Trains 250 Canadian Soldiers

Creston Search and Rescue member Bart Bjorkman recently trained 250 soldiers over a nine day period in the science of counter-tracking during an exercise put on by the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre at Canadian Forces Base Wainwright. Counter tracking is how to avoid, deceive or deter trained military canine teams and combat trackers from active pursuit.

Bjorkman commented that it was an honor to be selected to provide the training seminars. The current military philosophy is “Train to Excite” requiring “a publicly recognized individual in the field of tracking to provide distinctive training and expertise to the Canadian Patrol Concentration”. According to the military guidelines, “the purpose of bringing in a public figure of renowned status is to amplify and excite the participants”.

Bjorkman, a professional tracker, is a regional resource for the Provincial Emergency Program. He was featured last year with fellow tracker Darcy Fear in the nationally televised Search and Rescue reality show “Call Out”.

Over the past two years, Bjorkman, who is ex-military himself, has been training Canadian soldiers in “tracking” with fellow instructor Kelly Carnochan from Vernon.

For his work with the Canadian Patrol Concentration, Bjorkman was honored by Colonel Paul and Regimental Sergeant Major Colbert with a “Recognition of Service” to the overall success of the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre’s Wainwright exercise.